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alexfdg asked 1 year ago

Hi Again Nikola!
Please help, after a visitor made his automatic appointment,
how could I show that confirmed info on redirected Thank you page?
Thank you very much for your time!

rszewczyk replied 1 year ago

This is already possible. Go to Settings and “Form Style & Redirect”.

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rszewczyk answered 1 year ago

This is already possible. Go to Settings and “Form Style & Redirect”.

alexfdg replied 1 year ago

Hi rszewczyk!
Thank you for your answer!
Sorry that I didn’t make myself clear.
I can redirect to any url on settings, no problem,
what I don’t know is, how add on that page (thank you page):
the date and hour of the appointment just created by the visitor.
Thank you for help and follow up!

Nikola Loncar Staff answered 1 year ago

Hi Alex, so you want to have preview of appointment on that page? How would you design content on that page? Is that will have same content as email template? Atm there is no such option but we are planning to put it in backlog.

Best regards,

alexfdg replied 1 year ago

Hi Nikola!
Thank you as always for your time!
That’s exactly what I meant!
A preview of the appointment and same content as email template for a Thank you page,
with 1 block with Title: Thank you for your business! your confirmed appointment is on…
and another block with the appointment preview.
or a page with 1 block with the appointment preview and
another block with custom form with questions to confirm the real interest of visitor and
get rid of curious people.
That’s why the importance of this preview appointment in a redirected page

Hopefully you could soon add this helpful option!

Thanks again and Best Regards!

Alex Flores