Seperate appointments in one agenda for incompany employees

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Jay asked 4 years ago
Dear, I use your plug-in for a client which provides corona rapid tests. It works very well! So thanks for that. Website: My client now asks for a feature im not familiar with. They want to use the plugin for businesses. They  would like a seperate login (or account) for a company which than uses a seperate planner which is connected to the main agenda (there is only one agenda). The main purpose is administration, this way they have overview of all employees, and billing is also seperated. It;s also faster for a company to make appointments for their employees. I hope you understand what i'm talking about. If there is a similar way, or a way thats kind of looks like what i'm saying? That also would be helpfull. Many thanks in advance! Regards Jay from the Netherlands
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Nikola Loncar Staff answered 4 years ago
Hi Jay, atm there is no way of separating those on backend. I can only suggest that you have separate sites atm. In feature we are planning to add Workers Calendar overview so each Employee can see and manage own events. Best regards, Nikola