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Richard asked 4 years ago
Is it possible to have a customer pick an option for "First Available" or "anyone" or "no preference" when booking an appointment instead of picking an employee? Lets see a customer goes and picks "Employee: First Available" then proceeds to pick a day/time that Employee A and Employee B are available (Both employees calendars are synced"   Can EA auto assign the appointment or have it to go to "first to grab" type of scenario?
Richard replied 4 years ago

To clarify this:

I have 2 workers: Worker A and Worker B
Both workers have their google calendars synced.

Right now a customer can go in and book an appointment with either Worker A or B from a dropdown list based on their availablity HOWEVER….

I want a customer to be able to pick “first available” or just not an employee preference at all. Is it possible for this to work?

What i’ve tried:
-Create “Worker C”
-Go to Connect [BETA] > Advanced Calendars sync and add Worker A & B’s calendar to Worker C.

Doing this does nothing with Worker C’s calendar

1 Answers
Nikola Loncar Staff answered 4 years ago
Hi Richard, atm there is no such thing. User must always select person if there is more then one option. Selecting random worker will require some custom modification. Best regards, Nikola