Support forumCategory: QuestionsReservation from calendar doesn't "grey out" time slot
bertrand_mouthuy asked 3 years ago

Hi, i have a working installation of EA sync with a google calendar, push from calendar to EA work perfectly as i correctly see my appointments in my administration interface, on the right location for the right worker.
However on the client side the time slot are not greyed out, which is a huge problem for me (as it allow people to make reservation while worker is already busy), is there a special configuration to set or a workaround to “grey out” time slot using calendar ?

bertrand_mouthuy replied 3 years ago

And i forgot to mention that on a day were the slots a greyed out (why ? I don’t know the day has been set the same way as the others) it’s the wrong time slot that has been greyed out…

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Nikola Loncar Staff answered 3 years ago


maybe you have more than one slot for that time? Best way of checking that is to open Report Overview page and check. There you can see how many slots are there. Keep in mind that each connection is one time slot.

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bertrand_mouthuy replied 3 years ago

The problem seem’s to been solve by itself… anyway i’ve modified my setting in order to be sure there is only one slot per time.

Thanks for your reply.