Reminder e-mail line breaks and some other small issues

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Kunter_T asked 10 months ago
Dear Nikola,

Thank you for the great app. Everything seems to work as I want, but there are three small issues that I am having. I hope it is okay for me to list them all together here.
  1. Reminder e-mail does not show line breaks for the customer although I see them on the backend.
  2. When a customer receives an .ics file, then Gmail will automatically show the "add to calendar" widget. On desktop this works well - all the information is exported to Google Calendar. However, on mobile, only the summary, date and time is exported but not the description field with the extra information. Is this issue caused by Gmail or EA? Note: If I download the .ics file on mobile, then it exports description as well, but not when I use the Gmail built-it function (tested on two mobile devices).
  3. In the EA frontend, one of my longer service names goes off the right side of mobile view. I tried to play around with the "width" tag in the shortcode but that did not make the service name line break to another row. I guess I could make up shorter service names but maybe there is another solution?
Kunter_T replied 9 months ago

Oh, I forgot to mention that the 3rd issue is due to the long lines in the appointment overview rows.