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Hussain asked 4 months ago
Hi   I was checking your plugins on WordPress, however, I want to ask which of your plugins is the best for my requirements which are listed below:
  • Add multiple categories (bikes, motorcycle, and boats)
  • Hourly/daily rental (with rates for hours and number of days for each category)
  • Available quantities (ex. 5 bikes are available at 5:00pm...)
  • Generate QR code upon reservation and after payment. The QR code should be generated and saved on the website so that it can be scanned when customer check-in (not only sent by email as PDF since I don't want to ask customers to print anything or open their emails to scan the QR code)
  • In Kuwait, Knet and MyFatoorah are the most popular payment gateways, can I integrate any of them with your recommended plugin instead of using PayPal or Stripe?
Appreciate your help & support   Regards, Hussain
1 Answers
Nikola Loncar Staff answered 4 months ago
Hi Hussain, EasyAppointments can cover only half of those requirements so I would suggest maybe to look forward for proper solution. Best regards, Nikola