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Joshua Quizon asked 5 months ago

I have a few questions about the existence of some features in Easy Appointments as well as potential alternatives to those features if they are not included in the platform right now.

  1. Is there some sort of QR Code integration built into the Easy Appointments plugin?  For example, I would like to generate a QR Code for a customer that can be scanned at a location to verify that they have checked in.  And if that QR Code is not scanned for the day, the customer would be a no-show.
  2. Bouncing off the first question, is there some sort of check in process that can be tracked by Easy Appointments?  Is there a certain column in the pro version of easy appointments that allows you to export the attendance to appointments?
  3. Is there a short code that allows an admin to create, edit, or cancel an appointment from the front end?  I am aware that you can do this through the WordPress backend, but we want such access to be reserved for those who developed the website.
  4. Is there a way to put a customer’s booking on Standby?  For example, a customer would like to book an appointment at a time that is already taken by a priority customer.  If the priority customer cancels their appointment, then the other customer that had a booking for that time on Standby would be the replacement.  Is there a way to set bookings on Standby instead of adjusting the time slots for an appointment?