Purchased Plugin Yesterday, Confirmed by PayPal, No Email, No Plugin

Support forumPurchased Plugin Yesterday, Confirmed by PayPal, No Email, No Plugin
Jared Post asked 4 years ago
Nikola I know you are a busy man, however, I have not received the ZIP file containing the plugin after purchase. I paid via PayPal yesterday, well over 12 hours ago and received a confirmation email from them. I have checked my Inbox as well as my SPAM folder, but so far nothing. If you could check, I'd greatly appreciate it. It's about time I get Easy Appointments working the right way (in my case with Google Calendar support). Thank you!
roquefabian Staff replied 4 years ago

Dear colleague, verify with which PayPal account you paid. My point is that the mail sends it to the registered email to the paypal account you paid for.
Search the mail with this subject “Easy Appointments Extension”
In my case the second I pressed to pay I got the mail with the .zip.


Jared_P Staff replied 4 years ago

Not sure how many PayPal accounts people normally (or are allowed to) have, however, I only have one. My PayPal email address is the only one I have been monitoring for delivery and still nothing. When I decided to ask for help, I noticed that this is not the first time something like this has happened, there were at least 3, maybe 4 other posts similar to mine – not receiving the promised Plugin ZIP file. Now, I’m prepared to wait another day or two, however, if this isn’t straightened out I’ll just head back over to PayPal and report non-delivery of an item and leave a fair review on my experience. All I’m asking for is for someone who has the power, to check and make sure I paid (which PayPal has informed me I have and deducted the appropriate amount from my bank account) and send me the Plugin as I have not received anything yet. I’m not trying to get anything for free, I have paid and I need to be able to implement this plugin to make my life just a little easier. Is that too much to ask?

roquefabian Staff replied 4 years ago

I suggest there be another query on this topic for Lonkar to answer. If you can’t find it in the spam folder, it will forward you to the email you provide. Cheers

Jared_P Staff replied 4 years ago

Not sure if I totally understand…you want me to re-post my problem? If so, do you want me to putl Lonkar in the Subject to the that person’s attention? Like I said before, it’s NOT in my SPAM folder or my INBOX, I had seen nothing come through, plus, I even searched “Easy Appointments Extension” like you had suggested and there is no exact match, just references to any emails I receive with “Easy Appointments” due to me registering for the forum and any replies (as I’m subscribed to this post). The only email I provided was the one used to register for this forum (which is also the same one that my PayPal account is associated with).

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Nikola Loncar Staff answered 4 years ago
Hi I am really sorry about this. :( I will send you right away :( Best regards, Nikola
Nikola Loncar Staff replied 4 years ago

New email is sent to your email address at yahoo.

Best regards,

Jared_P Staff replied 4 years ago

SOLVED – Thank you Nikola, I understand being busy. I have finally received the plug-in extension and am attempting to implement it. I’m having trouble with the Google Calendar API as things are a little different than your updated video, however, I’ll check the forum for additional help. Thanks again!