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Daniel pires asked 4 weeks ago

when I use the appointment setup and set that busy state is defined by the location, in some cases slots apear free where the resource is already used by another connexion but using the same location. Any advise or known bug / workarround 

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Nikola Loncar Staff answered 3 weeks ago

Hi Daniel, that all depends on EA settings. There are multiple options for busy slots calculation.

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daniel_pires answered 3 weeks ago

In my case I’m sure there is an issue. I have a very simple setup => 1 worker / 1 location / 1 service and I set the “Busy slots are calculated by same”  to location but in some cases when I select a serivce in the caleandar it does not show that the slots are busy. In addition I can set a resevration without any issue with the same location but another service. Which shall not be because all services are created with the same location? I did also try to set the the parameter to worker instead of location but I got the same problem. I’m a php designer, how can I help you to identify from where is coming this issue? checking something out of the DB?
I’m prety in an hury as the website as almots finished and I need your function to activate the full service.
Many thanks in adavnce