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Eline asked 2 months ago

For a beauty salon, I’m creating a website. My client wants an appointment calendar with which:
– customers can search for services in a dropdown of categories with treatments: category 1 eyebrows > microblading, powderbrows,… category 2: lashes > lashlift,… (So 4 categories in total which contain multiple treatments)
– customers can select multiple services: for example: someone wants to book an appointment for her eyebrows: microblading and she wants to get waxed on her legs and face. 
– Every treatment has its own duration (waxing takes 30min, microblading 3h) so if a customer wants to book an appointment for waxing and microblading, the calendar needs to offer timeslots for 3h30min on the days possible of which the customer can choose to book
– the calendar needs to be synced with a google calendar mentioning first the category then the kind of treatment 
– the synced calendar needs to work both ways, if the beauty salon schedules for example a long lunch break in its google calendar, no client should be able to book an appointment via the website on that timeslot
Is this all possible with your calendar? And at what price?
Thanks in advance
Regards, Eline