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rszewczyk asked 9 months ago
Problem: Front end browser throws error of "Internal error. Please try again later." after selecting service and worker that has no more slots available in month selected in calendar widget. Cause: Back end server error is thrown:
[Tue Aug 30 19:00:55.114813 2022] [php:notice] [pid 355914] [client] B\xc5\x82\xc4\x85d Incorrect DATE value: '-00-01' bazy danych WordPressa podczas wykonywania zapytania SELECT * FROM wp_ea_connections WHERE \n\t\t\tlocation=1 AND \n\t\t\tservice=14 AND \n\t\t\tworker=15 AND \n\t\t\tday_of_week LIKE '%Tuesday%' AND \n\t\t\tis_working = 1 AND \n\t\t\t(day_from IS NULL OR day_from <= '-00-01') AND \n\t\t\t(day_to IS NULL OR day_to >= '-00-01') wys\xc5\x82anego przez do_action('wp_ajax_nopriv_ea_month_status'), WP_Hook->do_action, WP_Hook->apply_filters, EAAjax->ajax_month_status, EAReport->get_available_dates, EAReport->get_whole_month_slots, EALogic->get_open_slots, W3TC\\DbCache_WpdbNew->query, W3TC\\DbCache_WpdbInjection_QueryCaching->query, W3TC\\_CallUnderlying->query, W3TC\\DbCache_WpdbNew->query, W3TC\\DbCache_WpdbInjection->query, W3TC\\DbCache_WpdbNew->default_query, referer:
Indicating use of wrong date notation like day_from <= '-00-01'. Way to reproduce:
  1. Open reservation applet and select service + worker that has no more available slots for month displayed
In our case:
  1. open
  2. In Usługa select "Integracja sensoryczna"
  3. In Specjalista select "Terapeutka Manuela"
  4. Observe Internal Error popup
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Nikola Loncar Staff answered 9 months ago
Hi, I have tried two times with that combination and other one and I was able to book appointment. Do you still have that issue, can you please check again? Best regards, Nikola
rszewczyk replied 9 months ago

Hi Nikola!

Thank you for checking on our system. While you were testing I was also checking and noticed another error in the log of apache. Apparently it wasn’t Easy Appointment causing the problem per se rather than W3 Total Cache plugin.

I disabled the W3TC and it all works fine now. Still wonder what one has to do with the other but anyways.

I am sorry I wasted your time on something that wasn’t in fact EA fault. I swear I didn’t see the other log entry before.