Paypal button does not display unless “add to any” Plugin activated

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mindfit Staff asked 4 weeks ago
Nicola I have an issue 'I built my website with the add to any plugin I no longer what this plugin, but when I deactivate it the Paypal Button no longer displays for people to make a payment in order to get there booking on your plugin.

I don't know why the add to any plugin does this, I am not sure why there is a conflict.   The url of the page in question is
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Nikola Loncar Staff answered 3 weeks ago

Hi, sorry for late reply. Maybe it is due to some caching system that is there. Could be that is not related to that plugin but error shows when you alter the order of loading scripts by removing it. Can you please check Browser console for errors when that is the case and button does not load?

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mindfit Staff replied 3 weeks ago

That is a bit beyond my skillset. I cleared all the caches whenever I disabled the plugin and tried on cell phone data, cell phone and 3 different browsers. I have just enabled the plugin I don’t want and it seems when it inserts its code the Paypal button shows, when the code is removed so too is your button.

Without it’s inserted code when activating the plugin, fixing it is beyond me as I rely on page builders not any specific coding skills. For now it can just take up a few resources it uses even though I don’t insert it’s short code or use the plugin.

Every few years I redo the site with a better looking theme – when I do this I will not install that particular plugin and yours should work ok without whatever it corrupted.

Now if you want to make a video on how to migrate the existing bookings details to a new website url or new webhost that would be very helpful 🙂