Support forumnot-changing-status-to-confirmed-after-woocommerce-payment-is-done
Cesar Hernandez asked 1 year ago

Hi Nikola, I am having an issue with woocommerce integration, basically the system is not reflecting the payment done through woocommerce, meaning once the appointment is paid in woocommerce EA does not change the status from pending to confirmed thus cancelling the appointment that has been paid for and has to be done manually which is not ideal. I have seen under general settings the legend \”Reservation status is short term, if you don\’t change it within 5 minutes it will be set to cancelled\” and I have set it to \”Reservation\” will this make an impact on the time frame of the plugin to change to \”Cancelled\” ? alternatively, how the time frame for auto cancellation can e adjusted to, say, 30 minutes instead of 5 minutes? This is based in the event that the user might need more time to pay for the service.  Please let me know if I am missing a setting somewhere or if you required access to the dashboard.  Kind RegardsCesar

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Nikola Loncar Staff answered 1 year ago

Hi Cesar, can you please try with pending status instead of reservation?

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