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ian collins asked 4 years ago
Hi, please advise how I use the worker description text. Logically, it would be a tag but I cannot find this. I do need to personalise the email with worker specific info. If a tag is not available, could you advise how I might a) customise the php to effect this or b) turn off your email system and somehow connect to an external api (zapier for ex) that would allow me to build the personalisation and send emails externally. Thx  BTW i tried to register for the forum but need advice about how to do that. Is it my normal wp login i use? if not, and i must create a user, when i did this, i did not receive a confirmation email from your system.
2 Answers
Nikola Loncar Staff answered 4 years ago
Hi Ian, for forum you will have to create own account here. Regarding description of worker as part of email template tags well it is not there atm. If you want we can add it? Best regards, Nikola
iancollins Staff answered 4 years ago
It would be greatly appreciated. Thank you. I can see in the forum another request, so worth it. At the moment I have re-purposed the phone field but would like an extra tag to give more flexibility with email merge content. Many thx