No Calendar Displayed After Selecting a Product / What Changed?

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jamie_peabody asked 4 years ago
Hi there,    I seem to have developed a problem with no interaction on my part...  Re:   When I select a product or service, I am only getting a loading symbol with no calendar popup as per before. I've not changed anything on my side, but there is now a pending WordPress update. Q1 - am I okay to proceed with this update? Q2 - Is this likely to be something else?    I've checked the cron tasks and google sync file - all appears fine, but you can view here if needed: [2020-01-10 8:11:12.932935] [info] Sync started
[2020-01-10 8:11:12.933187] [debug] Calendars for sync
primary: array(
'location' => '2',
'service' => '1',
'worker' => '1',
[2020-01-10 8:11:12.933434] [info] Syncing events for Calendar: primary
[2020-01-10 8:11:12.933487] [info] Sync event within next 0
[2020-01-10 8:11:13.297029] [info] Fetched from Google Calendar 9 events
[2020-01-10 8:11:13.410226] [info] Synced events : 9
[2020-01-10 8:11:13.410310] [info] Total sync events : 9
[2020-01-10 8:11:13.415694] [info] There are no new appointments needed to be send to Google Calendar
[2020-01-10 8:11:13.415788] [info] Sync Done
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jamie_peabody answered 4 years ago
Sorry - just needed a plugin update to fix things