New user/ few setup issues and questions

Support forumNew user/ few setup issues and questions
Gaetano Costa asked 6 years ago
Hi. I downloaded the plugin but some issue come up
  1. Cancel Button not working on form
  2. If i send cancel appointment i will receive my self message that say booking confirmed.
  3. There is a way that can set up in the calendar and keep blocked days that will use for holiday, lets say will be closing from the 21 of December until the 6 of January how can i block all these days so clients can not book . i would like to purchase this plugin asap please let me know currently i did set up the demo.
1 Answers
Nikola Loncar Staff answered 6 years ago
Hi, 1. Cancel button is working only when you have Reservation active. Then it will cancel that reservation. 2. You have Cancel it via Link inside email? 3. Vacation panel will be added soon. So it will be easy for setting non working days there. Best regards, Nikola