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Bernard asked 7 years ago
Hi Nikola I had a few communications last year with you when we added your plug-in to our website. We are a tennis club, and we have used it last year to allow members to book court time, and it seemed to work fine. We are now into a new season. We have established a number of "connections" to define time blocks where a court (number, dates and times) is allocated to an activity (lessons, leagues, etc.); what is left is free play time that club members can book on their own. To effectively book the time, say for lessons, within an allocated block (="connection"), one has to book one period at a time, one day at a time and once court at a time. This very time consuming and frustrating. Any existing facility available only to website administrator, that would allow to book multiple periods with a given connection? Example: we offer junior lessons from 16:00 to 18:00 every weekday, during the whole month of May and June, on three courts. Setting up a connection is easy. To actually block the time for the lessons (so that no one else can book it for free play), one has to book one day at a time, one court at at a time. Assuming 9 weeks x 5 days x 3 courts = 135 individual bookings. Way too long. Any suggestion. Thanks.
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Nikola Loncar Staff answered 7 years ago

Hi Bernard,

thanks for posting your problem :) . For some time there are request for allowing bulk appointments creation. Would be fine to have option that customer can book more than one appointment at time? Like selecting multiple connections and booking them at same time?

Best regards,


torontost Staff replied 7 years ago

Would that be possible to setup multiple appoints at a time? and that would be calculated per appointment costs.
Someone registers all Mondays for a the next few weeks, it would calculate total cost based on that. 8 Monday’s, appointment cost, 10$, 80$ total.

torontost Staff replied 7 years ago

Appointments* &

Here’s a representation of the overview, it would illustrate multiple times elected, and as every session costs 10$, it would evaluate Connection * Input value, in this case 3 Connections, for 10$ each, a total of 30$.
As well as show the time of enrollment.

torontost Staff replied 7 years ago