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Panos asked 4 years ago
Hi Nicola, I'm Panos, I asked a question about multilingual possibility a few days before. I tried to reply to that thread - so I don't open a new one - but it's not possible. I also sent a registration quote, but I haven't received the confirmation email. Anyways, I want to come back a little to multillinguality matter, trying to find a workaroud. I like your plugin very much, it's straightforward, simple and full at the same time, so I want to purchase the STARTER extention and use it, that's why I insist a little... I just want to cofirm me - or not - if the following workaround scenario is possible, regarding the abilities of the core functions of the plugin. If it's possible, maybe others will also be helped of it. The "trick" I was thinking, is this: First I'll use the "location" feature as "language". I 'll use 2 languages , english and greek. Then, I'll create all the "services" and "workers" and then all the possible combinations of all these in one language. Then I'll dublicate them and assign the new ones to the other language. Based on the above, the visitor could manually choose any of the 2 languages in the form frontend, and the corresponding combinations could be loaded, and then proceed. But , can this be achieved automatically based on the browser language of the user? I saw that plugin uses some hooks and callbacks. Is it possible ( does core functions of the plugin support ) the right language combinations ( english or greek ) be loaded automatically every time, based on the user's browser language with some minor javascript code? And if yes, could you give some guide lines on how to do it? I would appreciate your help in this. Thanks, Panos
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Nikola Loncar Staff answered 4 years ago
Hi Panos, sorry for waiting. You can have such setup. So you can have languages instead of location. EasyAppointments allow to set connections and those are combination of location (language) service and worker. Options in select fields after language will be only from those connections with same language. If you want to preselect language that could be done via small custom code. Best regards, Nikola