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ernesto_parisii asked 4 years ago
Dear Nikola The deletion form GCal to EA works now since I added the worker name into the mapping. Cool! What is not working yet is the deletion from EA towards GCal, the entries in GCal are not removed. What is also not working is the mapping for Woocommerce products. I set up two different mapping for testing and now I can't remove them anymore. I delete the product name to leave the field blank and I save it, but when I refresh the mapping reappears again and the products are added when making the appointment. can you help?    
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ernesto_parisii answered 4 years ago
Nikola, if I get my developer to remove the record, can i reuse the woo feature again from scratch?
Nikola Loncar Staff replied 4 years ago

Yes, you can. 🙂

Nikola Loncar Staff answered 4 years ago
Hi Ernesto, if you want to remove events from Google calendar you should not delete those from EA instead change status to canceled and that will remove it from GCal :) Regarding second issue you can't remove Woocommerce settings in Extension? Best regards, Nikola
ernesto_parisii answered 4 years ago
Hi Nikola, in the woo-commerce part we can do mappings of EA services with woo products so that they are added to the checkout after the appointment has been done.  I created 2 mapping for testing but now i can\\\'t remove these anymore. i tried to delete the woo product name from the field and save it. but after refreshing the page  the mapping still appeared.
Nikola Loncar Staff replied 4 years ago

That is true, you can only turn off usage of Woo inside EA. If you have access to database, inside wp_options table there is a record called : EAC_woo_products remove that record.

Best regards,

ernesto_parisii replied 4 years ago

well i would like to use that feature but not for all the services I have. so i need to remove the record? wow that could be an challenge 😊