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René Pedersen asked 2 years ago

I need a nice and flexible booking system with local database, google calendar sync and sms reminders. Easy Appointment has almost everything I need, but lacks one important feature (I think I am not the only one).
I have two locations. In each location I have two full time workers and 1 worker is shared between the locations.
I would like a location calendar for each location with two slots. One slot for the full time worker on location and one slot for the shared worker.
The location calendar should in some way link to the individual google calendar of the workers.
When customer book timeslot in the location calendar 1) the system should book the timeslot in the google calendar of the full time worker. 2) If the full time worker is not available the timeslot should be booked in the shared worker’s google calendar (if he his available)
3) When the shared worker is booked in one location he will only be available in that location all day.
Is this possible? I am not affraid to edit the code if you can give me some  instructions.

nytskab2020 replied 2 years ago

My goal is to make the booking process as simple as possible to the web site visitor by presenting all available open slots in one “location” calendar. This location calendar should be linked to the individual staff calendars and in that way mirror the staff calendars in one calendar. I got this functionality working by creating a separate location calendar mirroring the possible slots in the staff calendars on location (in my case two slots, because one location have two staff members). Additionally I needed to edit the logic.php and ajax.php source file. All calendars have same setup so it is pretty simle. In logic.php I edited the “remove_reserved_slots” function to query the individual staff calendars in stead of the location calendar. In ajax.php the function “ajax_res_appointment” is set to reserve in the staff calendar where the slot in question is available. Now I need to copy this to my own plugin and do some patching everytime I want to update. So I hope this functionality could be integrated to the ea plugin in the future. Still very happy with the open coding 🙂 great job Nikola

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Nikola Loncar Staff answered 2 years ago

Hi René, that would be tricky thing to manage free worker. You want to book first free person. Atm you must select worker as part of last step. Do you really need to know which worker has been selected?

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