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lzevon asked 12 months ago

We would like to eliminate the possibility of a user booking an appointment last minute and instead require that if the appointment was not made by 11:59PM the previous day, the appointment slots for the following day be unavailable. For example, a customer who wants to make an appointment for Wednesday 10/27 would only be able to do so until Tuesday 10/26 at 11:59PM and not earlier on that same day (e.g. 9AM 10/27 for an 11AM virtual appointment).
Is this possible?

lzevon replied 12 months ago

I found the BlockTime setting and set it to 661 which should give me the lead time we need. I saw an older ticket, but the directions referred to where to set this using an older version of the plugin.

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Nikola Loncar Staff answered 11 months ago

Hi, yes that is solution. You can use block time inside EA Settings.

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mindfit replied 11 months ago

doesn’t seem to work for me I have 1440 mins blocked (to prevent someone making a booking the day before) and they can still do it. Any other way? There used to be a setting that was easier 🙂

Nikola Loncar Staff replied 11 months ago

Hi, you can block it inside calendar. Just put +1d inside min_date shortcode.

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