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elkosx18 Staff asked 3 years ago
1.) Question already got asked but the answer is not solving the issue. if you like I can provide you account details by email to see the issue as the calendar is worthless until fixed its a big issue at least for my customer. URL (but its setup forbids unauthenticated access) Setup is [ea_full_calendar worker="1" service="1" location="1"], Public access in EA is unchecked and I use the following variables in EA popup template: {= date} {= id} {= anrede} {= vorname} {= nachname} {= link_confirm}. The only variable displayed is {= link_confirm} but not as a link but as plain text.  2. I tried the full_calendar as a workarround to satisfy demand of the lack of possibility to provide a default combination (worker, service, location) when accessing reports page. I thought I once read entries starting by "_" would be displayed when accessing reports page without doing a selection but haven't found the post again and also its obviously not working cause I Added first combination with a leading _ when I setup calendar a year ago. (I am not sure but think it was working last year, I had a 2nd employee for testing but neverless now its not) If I am right and the _ feature has a bug please solve. 3.) Usability of connections page decreased by the new layout. I like the new style BUT imagine you have lots of schedules with an end date somewhere in a couple of years and you need to change timeslot but there are lots of bookings for a decent period. What I am doing in this case is copy entry, edit enddate of the old start/end time right to the date of the last booking and edit the startdate and times of the copy leading to someday in future (I take 2025). Until one of the last updates it was possible to enter digits in the date fields what is a perfect way in my opinion (cut&paste). Now I had to click about 100times for a single entry to adjust the dates what is a pain and the nice style is from admin perspective just a nice to have but usability should be focus. (I can do it by updating the sql database direct, but customer cannot) 4.) colspan=2 seems to be broken as I haven't changed any stylesheets at the customers page since a while and is not shown in column anymore but setup is [ea_bootstrap scroll_off="true" worker="1" location="1" service="1" width="800px" layout_cols="2" ] I will take a deeper look when I have more time but I like to say THANK YOU for all the great work you did but also want to encourage you understanding and improving QA as your piece of software is such a flexible solution you should 100% keep focus on stability and compatibility and not on some nice to haves in the backend. No offense as I just said THANKS! Yours Marc