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mindfit Staff asked 5 years ago
Hi I have had issues with the PayPal popup dissappearing and not allowing payment before a deposit is made, with the last version of the plugin that works being 2.1.3 (although does not work with Wordpress past 5.0)

After 2 years of no solution, I am totally redoing my website from scratch, using a new host, new theme, new builder and the latest plugin of this and connect.  I do not want to import the old site and data so that I can determine what is the issue by starting with my booking page then adding plugins.

How can I import the appointments from the previous plugin version and website into the new website and latest plugin?  I have yet to add the new plugin so if there is an import function already please ignore this post, I will delete it when I get that far into the redesign
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Nikola Loncar Staff answered 5 years ago
Hi, I will suggest that you move only Appointments. They are stored in separate tables inside DB. So thing that you need to do is to copy content of those table into new site. They have _ea_ in name. For Extenion it's best to set it up again because you mention that PayPal didn't work. Best regards, Nikola