I have paid for the pro version, but I did not get the link to download it

Support forumCategory: Feature requestsI have paid for the pro version, but I did not get the link to download it
Jose asked 4 years ago
Dear sir, Few days ago, I bought the pro version of Easy Appointment, because I wanted my clients to be able to pay through the booking plugin before confirming their reservation. However, once I was at your payment page, I got very surprised when I realized that, if I wanted to pay with a credit card, your payment page forced me to open an account on Paypal. Well, that was weird. As I wanted to buy the pro version to be able to pay, and your payment gate seemed awkward. Not a good sign at all. I paid through my Paypal account. But it got even better when, after paying, I did not get the link with the url to download the pro version, but a message saying that if I don't get the url, I should write to you a message. A clear sign that it didn't work out before...mmm. For paying for a gateway to pay, everything in YOUR payment gate seemed wrong to me. According to the instructions of your payment page, I wrote to you a private message, asking for the link that I had paid for... and I did not get any answer from you. Well, I do understand you are not working 24/7, however, you should pay more attention to these kind of details. More red flags over the pro version of your plugin. At this point, I do appreciate very much the free version of your plugin -it is awesome!- but I am not willing to use your pro version -the one I paid for, but I never got-, as you are not able to set up your payment page properly, and apparently you are not able to keep up with your customers in a reasonable time -if so, because I did not get any answer from you, and the answers in this forums are at least one year old-. So, from my point of view, there is no warranties that you did it great with the pro version. If possible, I'd like my money back. Thank you very much in advance,
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Nikola Loncar Staff answered 4 years ago
Hi Jose, can you please tell me what is the transaction ID so I can send you that email again. You can also send me PayPal email that you have received when buying to this email addresses nikolanbg[at]gmail[dot]com Best regards, Nikola