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kotisivutohtori asked 2 months ago

I am trying to create connections for bookable services, but I get stuck on Adding connections (both bulk and singular). All I see is “Processing” and I cannot get forward. Frontend show this:


Latest version and PHP8 on this server. I have used this plugin on a livesite with PHP7.4 and got the connections done. I tried on this site to disable all plugins and no change. I tried using one of the WP default themes, no change. 
Not sure what is causing this, but we cannot get forward without the booking function. Please help!

  • Anne

have latest version and php 8. 

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Nikola Loncar Staff answered 2 months ago

Hi, sorry for waiting. Can you please check error log file on version 8 of PHP. Reason why you have those messages at form, most likely connections has been expired. But I will need that error on processing that never ends.

Best regards,

kotisivutohtori replied 2 months ago

Hi, I will try to get the info…at present I dont have access to the server, only to the site.

I added Query Monitor plugin to see if it gives any clues. I get this error:
SELECT location, service, worker
FROM wpcr_ea_connections
WHERE is_working=1
WordPress Core Table ‘bitnami_wordpress.wpcr_ea_connections’ doesn’t exist 1146

– Anne