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Yeray asked 2 years ago
Hello, on my website https://palomacantero.com/cuentame-tu-caso-cita it does not redirect me to the cart to make the purchase.I bought the extension and it does not work. It does not redirect me to the cart and I have the product created and linked in the \"connect\" tab.    
michael_macginty replied 2 years ago

We are having the same issue when click submit on the form it just says DONE below it does not redirect you to WooCommerce cart. I am guessing this is an issue with Easy Appointments Connect and WordPress 5.7?

Any help appreciated.

Thank you

2 Answers
Nikola Loncar Staff answered 2 years ago
Hi you need to add redirect url inside EA Settings page under Form style & redirect. Best regards, Nikola
michael_macginty replied 2 years ago

Thank you Nikola.

We must of missed this part in the YouTube video.

adrienn_er answered 8 months ago
I have the redirect URL (it is the checkout page), but it still doesn't work.
Nikola Loncar Staff replied 8 months ago

Hi, can you please share the link to that page? Also if you are using some kind of caching engine on your site purge the cache.

Best regards,

adrienn_er replied 8 months ago

In the meantime it started to work. Strange.