How to make availability display appropriately in different time zones

Support forumHow to make availability display appropriately in different time zones
Damian Green asked 4 years ago
Hi Nikola, I just bought the EA Extension yesterday and have been testing it out, and so far most things seem to work fine, but I just had someone who lives in another timezone look at it for me and the available appointment slots are displaying exactly the same in their time zone as they do for me in my timezone.   This unfortunately is not what I want because I wouldn't want someone to make an appointment for noon, not realizing that "noon" is actually 3:pm their time for example.  I don't need the guests to select location, service, or worker, so I'm instantiating calendars with shortcode that looks like this: [ea_bootstrap location="1" worker="1" service="4" min_date="+1d" width="auto"]  Is there any way to make the available times display appropriately in different time zones (relative to work-location)? Ideally, I think it would be nice to see a checkbox setting under "Settings > customize > Date & Time" that says something like this: "adjust and display slot availability times according to local time-zone."   I think you have a great set of plugins, and I thank you for your help, Damian Green
damian_green Staff replied 4 years ago

I see now that other people have asked this question too and apparently the plugin does not yet handle time-zone differences. But: how close are we to seeing an update addressing this issue? (I need to decide if I can wait for it…)