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Theo asked 3 days ago

I have recently download the paid version of your plugin in order to enable Google Calendar integration. Thanks for creating such a great booking plugin! I have successfully managed to set the integration up now and it is mostly working perfectly, with my Google calendar syncing with EA and vice versa. 
However, when Google Calendar events are imported to EA, they are all imported for just one location/service combination. This is because of the settings I choose under: “Set default values for sync new Appointments created on Google Calendar” “Default Location” and “Default Service”
However, due to the way I have set the plugin up, I have multiple location/services combinations. In it’s current format, my Google Calendar events are only imported for one of those combinations, which I select under “Default Location” and “Default Service”, However, what I really need is the Google Calendar events to be imported to all location/service combinations. 
Essentially what I am hoping for is an option where instead of selecting just one location and service under “Default Location” and “Default Service”, I can instead select “Any” or “All” locations and services. 
Do you know how this can be achieved? 

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Nikola Loncar Staff answered 2 days ago

Hi Theo, there is option for it. At bottom of that page you have option called advance sync options. There you can map each Google calendar with (service/location/worker) combination. Just add those mappings and you will be able to sync multiple calendars.

Best regards,

theo_donegan replied 2 days ago

Hi Nikola,

Thanks for your quick response! I already have the various combinations set up under “Advanced Calendars sync”.

EA to Google Sync works perfectly across all combinations.

What I want to know is whether I can have multiple values under “Set default values for sync new Appointments created on Google Calendar”?

At the moment I can only save events synced back from Google calendar to EA under one location or service (Default location & Default service).

What I need is for events synced back from Google calendar to EA to be saved under every location and service. Is this possible someway?

Thanks again,