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Jane asked 10 months ago
I see this has been asked before but I didn't see a solution. The custom email content has always worked for me, but today after I edited the content of a reservation auto-response mail, it broke all the email templates. The admin email I received is full of tags written out like this: New appointment from #first-name# #last-name#, on #date# at #start#.  ---------------------- Phone: #phone# Email: #email#   Whereas the body of the user email (pending, reservation, confirmation) are all empty except for the word "mail". This has affected the subject line too. I have changed nothing today except for attempting to edit the reservation template, and it went from working to broken from one minute to the next. Please help!
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Nikola Loncar Staff answered 10 months ago
Hi Jane, reservation template don't have values like #first-name# #last-name#. What is the case for pending email template? Best regards, Nikola