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vincent_schott Staff asked 6 years ago
Hello, I just bought the extension, and I'm pleased by it, I only have one issue, There are two workers with two different email adresses and I would like for each one of them to sync (two way) their google agenda. It works perfectly fine with the primary agenda account but with the other one, the sync only works one way (when there is a reservation on the website), I would like to sync by adding an event from google and block it on the website, I have no clue what to do (i tried letting the authorization to the main worker and his email, i checked and the emails are the same for the worker inside easy appointments and the google calendar, and I selected the good account from the connect of course). Thanks for the help :) Best regards
vincent_schott Staff replied 6 years ago

Of course my question is, What can I do to allow my two workers to sync their google calendar ?(especially to block a time slot so it can’t be booked twice)

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Nikola Loncar Staff answered 6 years ago
Hi, you need to share both calendars with Account that is set within Extension settings. After that you will need to map both Calendars with particular location-service-worker in Advances sync options. Then you can import Events from both calendar and sync EA events in other direction. Best regards, Nikola