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monzonco Staff asked 7 years ago
I am not sure which e-mail I should use for setting up the Google Calendar.  Do I need to ask my customer to give me the password of his gmail account? or just his e-mail name is enough? I can login in my account and set the Calendar but that would be my calendar.  How do you resolve this issue.
monzonco Staff replied 7 years ago

I mean the customer is the owner of the business who is going to provide the service. I do not believe the developer should use his/her gmail account but I am not sure. Otherwise, I will create a fake e-mail for the business and share with the owner of the building.. I do not want to be involved when I finish this effort.

Nikola Loncar Staff replied 7 years ago

This is a two step process. First thing is to create a Google App that is capable to use Calendar data from Google. You can do that with any Google Account. Next step is to authorize particular Google Account within that Created App and that account will be used for Calendar data. 🙂

monzonco Staff replied 7 years ago

Thanks a lot. I know I understand,.

monzonco Staff replied 7 years ago

I am using my customer gmail e-mail because I created one gmail account for his business. But I have not be able to see the appointments in his calendar. I used to see the appointments in my private gmail. I repeat the whole procedure and get the client secret info etc, etc. 2 parameters.
Any suggestions?

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Nikola Loncar Staff answered 7 years ago


its yours account because it will add appointments there. If customer have Google account also they can see their appointment in their own calendar.


Every Appointment will go to yours calendar and your customers email will be there as attendee. So if customers is using Google account it will be also in his/her Calendar (the same event).

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