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natalie_tomlinson Staff asked 4 years ago
I have now logged into support with the login details sent with purchase of the premium add on. I have configured my timeslots correctly but i’m getting gaps in my appointments. I set up a test environment as follows: Hair Cut: Duraton: 20 – Slot Step: 20
Hair Cut & Beard Trim: Duration: 25 – Slot Step: 25 1 connection each start 8am finish 6pm and 1 timeslot each with 0 block before and after. Results when booking:
Hair cut: 8am – 8:20am
Hair cut & beard trim: 8:25am – 8:50am (5 minute gap, should this start at 8:20am?)
Hair cut: 9am – 9:20am (10 minute gap, should this start at 8:50am?) Can you please advise as i'm trying to go live now but this issue i cannot resolve Thank you
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Nikola Loncar Staff answered 4 years ago
Hi Natalie, have you seen my reply in that other topic? Best regards, Nikola