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Ania asked 3 years ago

I can not register, so I can not login, I have no way to answer in this forum to author's  question. How can you have a conversation here? I can only post a question. I can't respond to my own posted question/conversation. 
My original question was: "I have a room reservation for 5 hours available once a day between 9am and last booking at 5pm. How do I set this up because now you can still make another booking on the same day.

Another one is available twice a day. Again how can I set it up, so only two bookings will be available between 9am and 7pm?  

Nikola Loncar Staff answered 7 hours ago

Hi Ania, you want to have only one slot for that day? Can you please share the link to that form?"  
No I don't want to have a one slot, I want to have a one booking only per day for the room. I want someone to be able to choose time of the booking (between 9am and 5pm) Booking of room is for 5 hours. 
Other rooms are available for 3 hours rentals and we need bookings to close after 2 bookings on the same day. So no more than 2 bookings per day but we want people to choose time when booking starts. 
Website is under construction. I can create login for you, Nicola. And maybe you can communicate with me the way that I can send you respond, through email. I tried to register at the forum but no emails with any confirmation link come from you, not into inbox, not into spam folder. And there is no way for me to answer in the forum. 

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Nikola Loncar Staff answered 3 years ago
Hi Ania, can you please send me (to nikolanbg[at]gmail[dot]com) email address that you want to register for your user and I will open account for you. Regarding issue that you have as I see your working hours are from 9am-10pm. Because service duration is 5 hours means that you have option to book from 9am-2pm which leaves option to book after 2pm another one and you want to prevent that? You can do a simple thing to setup that. Go to service and put there value to option called block before like 300 minutes. That will prevent that other slot from being available. Best regards, Nikola