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Rob asked 1 month ago

The standard filtering order is location, service, worker. However we have customers with a strong preference for a certain worker and customers who want a certain service, nomatter where.
Is there a possibility to set ‘any’ in the selectboxes or to change the selection order

3 Answers answered 2 weeks ago

This can be done!!!
The following is an example where location, service or worker can be selected in random order. Some text is in Dutch, but this doesn.t affect the basic working.
I made a custom filter in php which can be found here (see comments for more info): The used php on Github
To integrate this filter in the plugin I used the this script (see comments for more info): The used script on Github

Nikola Loncar Staff answered 2 weeks ago

Hi Rob, thanks for that 🙂 . I will check the code and add if it is working fine.

Best regards,
Nikola answered 1 week ago

A changed the code for the filter and transformed in a small basic plugin: The plugin adds a new select form and hides the original form. Also a new cancel button is added. No translation is added. The code was developped for an application where price is not used. The selectboxes can be used in any desired order. Once all three selectboxes are defined the select options of each selectbox are determined by the selected value of the other two selectboxes. Once all three selectboxes are defined the selections can be changed at any time and change triggers a new load of the calendar for the updated select

Nikola Loncar Staff replied 15 hours ago

Thanks, I am looking at it right now. 🙂