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asitaaa asked 11 months ago

Although I'm using the following shortcode, the fields are not cleared.

[[ea_bootstrap width="800px" scroll_off="true" layout_cols="2" save_form_content="0"]]

How do I fix this?

asitaaa replied 11 months ago

[ea_bootstrap width="800px" scroll_off="true" layout_cols="2" save_form_content="0"]

hyd76 replied 11 months ago

what do you mean please ?

asitaaa replied 11 months ago

when I enter the fields and hit submit button, it tells me ‘done’. (which is fine) However, when I come back to enter the second appointment and select the date and time, the fields are filled with the previous entries. they are not cleared. they only clear after I delete cookies.

2 Answers
asitaaa answered 11 months ago
Nikola Loncar Staff answered 11 months ago
Do you use any caching plugin on you site? Best regards, Nikola