extension updated after 1 year and google sync is no long working

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Danilo asked 2 years ago
HI, I bought the extension on 2020 feb 29 for 1 year.
i made the mistake to update it to the last version after the expiration date.
I'm using it mostly for google sync and it is no more working. and I can't go back with my previous version.
Why was it possible to update it even after the expiration date?
do I have to buy it for another year or two and it will go back working?
I receive the "check your token" error message and when I tried to click to authorise after the creation of a new google ID it simply doesn't show the google account select  page. Thank You. Danilo
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Nikola Loncar Staff answered 2 years ago
Hi Danilo, please do next thing. Go to Extension settings and remove token then authorize again. Do that twice just in case. You should be able to sync with Google Calendar after that. Don't worry about update, for now you can update even if that period is over. Limit will be set when Extension go for version 1. Best regards, Nikola
danilo_di_lorenzo replied 2 years ago

thank you Nikola,
just to let you know I solved the problem switching back to PHP 7.4.
Right after my message I had another problem with another plug-in in another site, both hosted by the same provider. They updated PHP to version 8, when I figured it out I tried to switch it to the old version (7.4) and both sites went immediately back working.
is there any known compatibility issue with version 8?