David Zapata asked 3 weeks ago

There is a way that a message is displayed that some field of the form is incorrectly filled apart from the red letters, because most of my clients use the cell phone and when they put send they think that the reservation has already been sent, but in reality it is not like that because something It is not filled and by screen size it is not possible to see where the error is unless the client swipes up on cell phones, on PC if the error is seen
You can put a message when you click on send and if something is not correct, the message information is incorrectly filled, similar to when the “Message Completed” message appears in the label option or a pop up appears so that you know the client that his reservation was not generated because something is not right in the form

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Nikola Loncar Staff answered 3 weeks ago

Hi David, that can be done. It make sense to show message next to submit button saying that form data is not valid. This will be added to roadmap

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