Entire Days Being Blocked Off Even Though Not Booked

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aksuska asked 1 year ago
We are having an issue with entire days being blocked off even tough they are not booked. The day gets a pinkish background and all of the slots are marked as booked. I can't be sure but the only common element I have seen is that if the first 5 slots are booked, the whole day gets booked. If any of them are canceled or deleted, then the correct bookings show. This is really a show stopper, and would incline us to abandon EA.
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Nikola Loncar Staff answered 1 year ago
Hi, it all depends on settings. You can control that by managing how busy slots are calculated and how many slots are there.
aksuska replied 1 year ago

The only number of slots setting I see is in connections, and indicates the concurrent slots, not the number of slots in a day. The slots in a day seems to be based on start and end and length of service. Busy slots are calculated by worker only. There is only one location, one worker, and one service. Service duration is 60, slot step is 60, and there is no block before or after. Why, then, would EA block appointment slots that are not booked?

aksuska replied 1 year ago

Also, the consecutive appointments was a red-herring. It recently occurred with non-adjacent appointments as well.