End time not taken in count during booking process

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FRENDY asked 1 year ago
Hello,  I'm configuring the connections to have a start time at 9AM and end time 7PM. 
In the same time I have services with duration of 4 hours, so the booking form on the calendar is proposing slots at 6PM, which is not correct, as the closing time is 7PM. if the appointment is confirmed, it means the service will start at 6PM and ends at 10PM.  In the same context, I have configured some connections to be on Saturday from 9AM to 1PM. and have some services with a duration of 4 hours, this services should not be available for booking on Saturdays if another appointment is reserved from 9 to 10PM. as the opening time is only 4 hours. but the during the booking process, the form is proposing 10AM for these long services which makes the opening time 5 hours instead the 4 hours initially configured.  Is it a bug or I'm missing some config?  Thanks for your support.  Best regards,