Support forumCategory: BugsEmails still not being sent to user Part 2
JoplinPublicLibrary asked 7 months ago

As others have also stated… the Event admin is not getting requests from patrons. Patrons are not getting confirmations of appts. Maybe 1 in 10 go out. 

We are NOT getting email from the EA Tools using either Tool.

We are also now showing various errors on the Tools page stating

“Mail error You must provide at least one recipient email address.”

I’ve done several tests and certainly provided an email.
What else can we do?
What else can I supply to resolve this issue?

Thanks in advance!

JoplinPublicLibrary replied 7 months ago

The Mail errors are over a month old as well but felt it was worth mentioning.
We’ve gotten no new errors for all the recent test emails and appts we’ve attempted to send out.

JoplinPublicLibrary replied 7 months ago

Upon further testing from our site… emails sent to “” are going out.
Emails sent to our domain “” are NOT going out.. but are backed by gmail.

Seems like something on our end but perhaps you have a solution or suggestion that can help us in the right direction.

2 Answers
JoplinPublicLibrary answered 7 months ago

I’ve resolved this by adjusting our SMTP plugin and fully integrating it with our Google Workspace by creating a WEB API for SMTP. 
It would seem google is now denying blind relying forcing SMTP authentication via the web api. 

Consult your SMTP plugin on best practices for using your HOST properly. 


Nikola Loncar Staff answered 7 months ago

Hi, thanks for update. In your case you need to use their API for sending GMail as sender.

Best regards,