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shieatt asked 5 years ago

Hi I’m a paying customer and do love your plugin, BUT I am having a very difficult time with the email pending/confirmation configuration.

  1. It seems the appointment notification emails are sent out before the user ever completes payment on WooCommerce… So if a user hits “Submit” on accident, the system considers this a ready-made appointment and sends a notification to BOTH the customer and Company even thought the customer has not paid for the item…
  2. BIGGEST ISSUE: The company can then CONFIRM the pending appointment even though the user has NOT PAID on WooCommerce!! Very big problem!!
  3. iCalendar attachments are not being sent to the Company, only in customer confirmation emails.  How does the company manage this schedule via iCalendar?
  4. How do you change the “Submit” button text to something else?

My website is here:
Thank you for your swift response!

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Nikola Loncar Staff answered 5 years ago


1.2. you can set default status to pending so once user click submit it will receive pending email. After finish WooCommerce checkout that appointment will be confirmed.

3. That will be added soon to Extension plugin.

4. You can create your own translation file with just that label for Submit.

Best regards,

shieatt replied 5 years ago

Hi Nikola,

Thanks for your response! I think we may be a miscommunication on Point 1 & 2 from above.

1.2. We really cannot allow the appointment to be confirmed UNLESS the company confirms it themselves. It would seem that would be the entire point of having “Confirm” or “Cancel” links within the Pending notification email to the company.
– How can we ensure that appointments are ONLY confirmed once the company clicks confirm.
– How can we disable the auto-confirmation once WooCommerce checks out?

3. Do have an ETA on when iCalendar attachments will be added to Company notification emails?
4. Perfect – Thanks!

Thank you again for creating this, I’m a very big fan. But just running into some critical issues very late in our build. Any help here would be sincerely appreciated.

shieatt replied 5 years ago

Hi Nikola,

5. Last question, when a user goes “Back” from the checkout page to change their time, how can we empty the Woo Commerce cart to allow for them to re-add a new time?


shieatt replied 5 years ago

Hi Nikola,

Just wanted to follow up on the above, thank you!