Support forumCategory: Feature requests[ea_bootstrap] can not yet add the shortcode to my description page
Tobias asked 11 months ago

Hello Nikolar,
i want to promote your plugin to a group of thounsands of consultants to handle their appointments.
When installing and setup your plugin at no point there is a hint to the shortcode.
Easy would be to add a one step tour and show the shortcode.
Idea: Add the shortcode to blocks and classic editor.
Idea: Also easy one click creating a page with the shortcode.
Idea: Instead of documenting everything far away on your page you could integrate the essential facts direct inside the plugin in a shortcode generator.
Idea: shortcode generator: Ask questions and build up their own shortcode:
responsive? 2 columns? scroll? fixed to a location? fixed to a service or a worker? …
take first time user by hands and guide them.
goal is: let a 12 year old child work easy with your plugin without any documentation.
At the moment installing is easy, but not yet the setup of the EA page.
Thank you Nikolar

PS: How did you add the shortcode

to your documentation page without getting it executed? Thats what i need first.

1 Answers
Nikola Loncar Staff answered 11 months ago

Hi Tobias,

thanks for that suggestions. Having easy way of adding short codes to page is planned. But atm work is done on having FullCalendar option. So the customers and employees can easily book appointments (week overview etc). After that attention will switch to making setup simple to user.

Best regards,