Support forumCategory: BugsEA NOT ACCEPTING CARD PAYMENT
william_beville asked 2 weeks ago

I have EA installed at:
I have a serious issue in that after filling in payment option “Pay by Credit/Debit Card” then I can fill in all details and when I click on “Submit” button nothing happens. Page does not go to PayPal and absolutely nothing happens.
I have tried in production mode and in sandbox mode and same.
I currently have in Sandbox test mode for anyone to try.
I can pay by PayPal login but just NOT with card details (even when I am logged into PayPal and get an option to enter card details)
I am finding it extremely difficult to get support. I created a temporary login for Nikola to check details and all I get as a reply is to “check my details entered”. This is not support!
I have entered my details correctly and if I can make payment by PayPal login to account then this suggests to me that it may be a compatibility issue with theme or other plugin. Would I be correct?
Can anyone please help?