Support forumCategory: Questionsdifferent custom fields for two different services
Siggi Ingason asked 3 weeks ago

Hi, I am setting up a booking facility for my gliding club for introductory glider flights.
There are basically two categories, one is for the general public and one is for Armed forces service personnel. I have setup two services, Public introductory flights and Armed forces personnel flights. I have setup one worker to do both types of flights and then setup two connections with different heading, but for the same dates and time slots.
The next part is the part I have a problem / question with. Is it possible to create custom files for the two separate (offering) services, so it will only shows the custom fields for a specify service? 
If this is possible how can I setup separate custom fields for option 1 and option 2 and then display the custom fields for the Armed forces booking screen and separate custom fields for the general public booking screen as I need to collect different information for the two options.