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Raul asked 4 years ago
Hello, I am having trouble with the time syncing with Google Calendar. In Google Calendar it is always displayed +1h as in summer we have daylight saving time. Already tried to change the timezone in Wordpress but it does not work properly. How can I fix this?   thanks
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DirkR replied 4 years ago

I have the same issue. Events are synchronised to Google Calender with a time difference of +1hr.

My timezone = UTC +2; which is correct in both WP Admin & Google Calender.

DirkR replied 4 years ago

MY BAD. Issue is fixed. Reset time settings in WP and all good now!

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Nikola Loncar Staff answered 4 years ago
Hi Raul, thanks for the update. I was just wanted to say that but you have already find out. Best regards, Nikola