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alberto_hinojosa Staff asked 4 years ago
Hello, have installed de extension and synced with google calendar but didn't realized that there was a few recurrent events in the primary calendar so it syncronized 3500 events in one step, I'm not gonna use those so I need to get rid of them. How can I delete all of them in one step.
Erik Liljencrantz Staff replied 4 years ago

To delete all appointments SQL-statements like
delete from wp_ea_appointments;
can be used (WARNING: DELETES ALL RECORDS) with phpMyAdmin or similar. Possibly also custom fields in wp_ea_fields. Adding a where statement is recommended to not delete all appointments.

alberto_hinojosa Staff replied 4 years ago

Thanks Erik

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Nikola Loncar Staff answered 4 years ago
Hi Alberto, you will need to remove all from Appointments table and Google sync table inside database. Best regards, Nikola
alberto_hinojosa Staff replied 4 years ago

Thanks Nikola.

Best regards.


alberto_hinojosa Staff replied 4 years ago


I did what you said deleted EA_Appoinments, EA_Fields and EA_Connect_links and it did the job there is no trash records now but when I add a new appoinment it doesn’t start from 1, What can I do to fix it?

Thank you in advance.



Erik Liljencrantz Staff replied 3 years ago

Use more SQL, like:
alter table wp_ea_appointments auto_increment=1;
to reset the auto_increment counter. To get current auto_increment value for table, check the “information schema”:
select table_schema, table_name, auto_increment from information_schema.tables where table_name=”wp_ea_appointments”;
(for mysql command line or use phpMyAdmin and click around…)

Erik Liljencrantz Staff replied 3 years ago

Similary, to start at a larger id (to look “popular”) use:
alter table wp_ea_appointments auto_increment=10000;
to start at id 10000 🙂