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Andy asked 4 years ago
Hello, I have set three fields for Custom Forms (Name, Email, Phone) When I fill out the form and submit (as a test) the record only shows Name. Says Email and Phone were not filled out, even though they were required fields and I had filled them out. Any ideas how to resolve?
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brian Staff answered 4 years ago
Similar issue with Custom forms. I have two email fields and to Phone Fields that declare "Error on delete!" and does not allow the field(s) to be removed. This is causing errors on front end where "invalid email"  is declared when submitting appointment. This is both before and after recent update to plugin. First happened 3 days ago. Updated today and same results.
Nikola Loncar Staff answered 4 years ago
Hi, I will need link to those pages in order to test it. Have you tried to create another field and submit the form? Best regards, Nikola