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marco_cotugno asked 2 weeks ago

I’ve noticed that the extensions do not fit all that i need to do.
Is it possibile to get a refund?
Thank you.

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Nikola Loncar Staff answered 2 weeks ago

Hi Marco, can you please tell us what is missing? If it is relatively small change we can add it quickly.

Best regards,

marco_cotugno answered 1 week ago

Hello Nikola,
I need to collect a database of customers and the possibility top create events. But besides all that i need a stable plugin with the google sync. Unfortunately there are still few problem ( i know it’s a beta). For example when in the database there are no appointments it wont’ delete on EA if deleted on Gcal. 
I have to deliver the project and i cannot wait now for integration or adjustments.
I am sorry… if it is possible i would like to ask for a refund, if your policy covers it.
Thank you!

marco_cotugno replied 1 week ago

I received the refund! Thank you! I appreciate