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jason calder asked 5 years ago

———— ERROR #2 ————
I am getting this =error as well. I get the notice of booking of the appointment but there does not seem to be an email goijg to the person who booked the appointment.
Is there a setting I need to change? I would appreciate the help, the system works great other than that NIce plug in.
Cheers jason
ERRORS: {“wp_mail_failed”:[“Could not instantiate mail function.”]}
ERRORS_DATA: {“wp_mail_failed”:{“to”:[“”],”subject”:”Reservation 4″,”message”:”<p>confirmed<\/p>”,”headers”:[],”attachments”:[],”phpmailer_exception_code”:2}}
———- ERROR #2 END ———-

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Nikola Loncar Staff answered 5 years ago

Hi Jason,

looks like you don’t have send mail function in your PHP settings on your hosting. I suggest that you use something like SMTP plugin for WP to send emails.

Best regards,