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Bartosz Skłodowski asked 1 month ago

I really enjoy the plugin but I cannot overcome the issue of overbooking. In my test environment I have
-2 services to choose from
-2 locations to choose from
-1 worker (I dont book per worker, so it is not relevant, basically the worker)
In service configuration I put in 10 minutes duration, 10 minutes slot step, because I have 6 slots every hour. No need to block before or after.
My goal is to use this tool to be able to book visits for my patients. However a visitor should not be able to book a visit at 12:00 (lasting 10 minutes) if anyone else has already booked ANY service AT THIS particular location during THIS PARTICULAR time slot.
I honestly tried everything.. Multiple work on and off etc.. I even tried making 1 worker, 1 service and 1 location… and it still allows me to book 2 separate visits on the same time. I really hope, you can help me with this issue, because apart from that, the plugin works amazingly and is exactly the tool I need.

1 Answers
Nikola Loncar Staff answered 1 month ago

Hi Bartosz, can you please check slot count on connection settings. Also please check Reports page time overview report to check how many slots are there. Such case should be easy to setup with EA.

Best regards,